RAAS ARCHITECTS is an architectural studio, founded in 2009, making architectural and interior design. Based on many years of experience, gained in various design offices both in the country and abroad, we aim at creating modern architecture that meets the diverse needs of investors. In order to obtain an interesting usable form, we pay special attention to the surrounding context and space in which we design. We design creative places to live, corresponding to the contemporary human needs in every possible environment: from residential architecture, public utility buildings, to private and commercial interiors. To meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world, we focus on architecture of the future, using innovative design solutions, the latest installation technologies and timeless design.

In our work, we combine a passion for architecture with many years of professional experience. We focus on simple, functional, energy-efficient and passive solutions to obtain satisfactory results, at optimal costs. We always listen to the individual needs of investors, paying great attention to their expectations and guidelines. We approach each project comprehensively and individually, which allows us to obtain original solutions and satisfying results.

We provide broad services in the field of architectural design and interior design. We make conceptual projects, complex planning documentations and detailed executive projects, including the author’s supervision on site. We coordinate the investment processes from initial analysis of the plot, through the necessary legal arrangements, to the final finishing and technical acceptance of the building. We cooperate with experienced engineers, constructors and technologists, adapting to the specific guidelines and requirements of a particular investment.



  • 01. OFFER
    valuation of the project documentation, taking into account the scope, size and complexity of the project, necessary specifications, specific requirements of a particular location and building regulations.
    preliminary design stage, which examines various options and architectural solutions, spatial arrangement and 3d model, whereby we can choose the most interesting and the most optimal version of the project.
    multi-project documentation, necessary to obtain a building permit, complemented with required legal arrangements and technical and installation coordination.
    detailed technical documentation, containing finishing details, additional descriptions and schedules, supplemented with specifications and cost estimates – necessary during implementation of more complicated objects.
    verification of the investment according to the project, supplemented if necessary by detailed variable drawings, ensuring proper and efficient construction progress.